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New Orleans Roofing Contractor understands the investment value your house represents. We also understand that everything you love and have worked hard for is all under your roof. Thus, we don’t take roofing lightly. If you have trouble what type of roofing suits your house, we can definitely help you with that. After all, each need is different and each requires a unique solution.


New Orleans Roofing Contractor contractors follow a very easy five-step process before starting any project. First, we inspect the roof properly. Then, we study the insurance claims and will help you out in your dealings with the insurance companies. Next, we will help you choose what kind of roof is appropriate for your house and will provide you with the best products available in the market.


Residential roofing services and repairs go through an extensive process. It also requires a lot of knowledge to carry out the necessary actions and proper job routine. At DS Roofing, our employees and contractors are well-versed on residential roofing. They are also polite and consumer-oriented making customer satisfaction our top priority.


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